Michael McGrew


Michael Mcgrew can be described in one word, “Visionary”. Naturally born with a gift in storytelling, writing a gripping novel is a walk in the park for this Los Angeles native. When asked about his role models and inspiration growing up, he simply explained that “Life itself and what it offers every day is a lesson and every lesson if learned is the best advice the universe can give you.”

He is a very diverse individual with a goal to inspire, which is why he founded the I Am Project for Literacy; a non-profit organization geared towards promotes and encourages literacy through a unique and dynamic program ranging from financial to health and wellness awareness.


Cambria Broadway


Ms. Cambria Broadway was born and raised in Los Angeles and no stranger to hard work, perseverance and integrity. Growing up in a strict household and deemed a project manager at the early age of nine, Cambria discovered her skillset and has been improving her strengths since then.

After graduating college she went on to lend her assistance serving as the liaison between the Director of Facilities and community organizations, governmental agencies, contractors, vendors and others by providing information and assistance regarding various College programs, schedules, procedures and requirements. Soon her services were becoming requested by various contractors and decided to take on new jobs as an independent representative of Cam’s Personal Touch, a company she incorporated in 2012. Her clients include the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles and Charles Drew University and since embarking on new business ventures as a celebrity publicist and administrator, Cambria spend s most of her time managing reputations for artist and running day to day business for notable studios in Hollywood, Ca.


Nicole Walker

Vice President

Nicole Walker has spent the better part of her adult life honing her craft in the art of the storytelling. Initially starting out as an author of short stories and novels, Nicole has broadened her specialty to include novel adaptations for film and television, screenwriting for all mediums as well as documentaries, reality based television shows and web series.

Nicole received her bachelors in urban planning and master’s in public policy from California State University Northridge. Her previous experience has included providing services as a ghostwriter, as a screenwriter and has contributed articles and interview to a hip hop magazine and blog.


Bianca Swan

Program Director

Bianca Swan is community relations expert with more than eight years of experience in non-profit management and public administration. With a BBA in Marketing from Howard University and a Masters of Public Administration from California State University, Long Beach, Bianca supplies extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and motivation working with individuals from all backgrounds.

A Los Angeles native, Bianca began her career working in sales for an entertainment photography agency. As much as she enjoyed the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry, she had a passion for community service. She moved back to Los Angeles and accepted a position as Membership Delivery Specialist with Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles where she was responsible for membership recruitment, volunteer training, program development and implementation and community building.



The I Am Project is dedicated to advocating literacy, entrepreneurship and self-accountability by inspiring the youth to aim high and respect intelligence along with them-selves for the most part. It is our goal to strengthen communities and households throughout the country, and the world with intentions to convert followers into leaders and inferior minds into innovative thinkers.


The vision of the I.A.M. Project is to break the cycle and culture of poverty for so many families. Knowledge and education are proven to be two of the most effective ways in helping people to rise above their current socioeconomic status. Through literacy, the I.A.M. project will provide teens and young adults with a strong foundation that will create multiple paths of success for each of our future leaders of the free world. The Five Year goal for The I.A.M. Project is to grow the importance of Literacy and how it affects the quality of life that people live. Knowing is half of the battle of attaining a different quality of life.