Give to a Writers Workshop

Our writers workshop will focus on comprehension and writing skills. This program is our flagship feature as it offers the opportunity to contribute an authentic title to a participant as a published author. It’s highlights focus on character building, time management and deadlines, vocabulary improvement and product completion. The I AM Project in association with Legacy Publishing aims to influence its participants by presenting the finished product (book) that they contributed to, which is a plausible accomplishment and we hope to encourage them to continue to achieve, as lifetime members of the I AM Project, more in life as community leaders, innovators, productive citizens and entrepreneurs.

Our writer’s workshop is the flagship benefit to our program and it encourages students to contribute to an anthology that will be published and sold in the public market. But first, the participants create vision boards; learn about social interaction, vocabulary improvement and much more to prepare them for leadership and how to avoid being a statistic in the system.

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